Getting Back To It.

flexing muscles god change brain

It’s been far too long. For some reason, I became complacent. Thinking that work and social media provided me with enough of a voice and creative outlet. I stopped writing for me. I stopped writing for fun. I became okay with limiting my thoughts, opinions, and musings to 140 characters on Twitter, or keeping them to myself all together. I justified this by convincing myself that people like what I write; I’m witty, funny and interesting. I’ve won some awards and gained some recognition for the copy and content I’ve created. The blogging world is convoluted. What a self-righteous windbag I am for thinking people actually give a shit about what I write or think. Man, if anything, I should win awards for how big of a bullshit artist I am.

A lot of it boils down to laziness. My arch nemesis. For far too long I’ve relied on procrastination dating back to grade school. It’s the biggest bitch in the world. If only I was more intrinsically motivated. Seriously, if Professor X ever gave me an invite to the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, we’d both quickly discover my mutant talent is being able to put things off to the exact very last moment and then scramble to sloppily get it all done just in the knick of time. Sure this isn’t the end-all-be-all of publications, but what’s the harm in punching some keys? If nothing else, writing for me is cathartic and it’s about damn time I implemented some more of that into my life. Breathe out. Namaste.

The best way to become a better writer is simple: write. Pick up a pen and a pad, a laptop, or if you’re feeling nostalgic, a feathered quill and a jar of ink. Regardless of the instrument, it’s the act that remains important. The brain is as much a muscle as it is an organ, and it needs that exercise to gain strength and repetition to gain experience. The 10,000 hour rule applies here. Hunter S. Thompson sat down at his desk and copied every word of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” for practice. He put in the time, and there’s a reason he’s my favorite writer of all time. So here I am, trying to discover my voice, hone my skills, and become the writer I want to be. Yes, I write copy for a living, but why limit myself to just that? Good things almost always happen to those who put in the time and effort. I have a few hours under my belt, but man, do I have a lot of time to put in. I hope you enjoy what it is I have to say in my upcoming posts. Let the journey begin.


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