My Advice

I wrote this a while back, but I thought it was worth sharing. Some words to live by.

There are a few luxuries in life: coffee, wine, food, cigars and whiskey; indulge in them from time to time. Do what you love regardless of what others may think. Make mistakes, but learn from them. Drink a lot of water. Be confident, not arrogant. Practice yoga. Take deep breath’s; they clear the mind. Cost does not matter, but wear nice clothes; when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good you perform at your best. Whatever it is that you do with your time, do it with conviction. Realize that some people you can’t live without can live without you. Stay busy; retirement is the leading cause of death. Educate yourself and others. Learn to let go of the things you can’t control. Love is the single greatest feeling one can experience; cherish and cultivate it. It’s okay to cry. Ask for advice. Inspiration is a fickle thing; take advantage of it when it strikes. Exercise. Anything worth doing is going to be challenging; embrace it. Be patient. Learn to do things on your own. Make sure your relationships are never codependent. Surround yourself with others that inspire and push you to be your best. Don’t settle. Be active. Make jokes. Have thick skin. Wipe front to back. Happiness is a choice. Life is a long road; you should expect potholes and speed bumps. Tell the truth; it’s always easier to remember. Pay attention to the flaws and mistakes of others and make sure you don’t repeat them. Support local business. Make sure to sweat daily. Learn that there is a time for sex and there is a time to make love.  When you love, make sure to do it with all of your heart. Reflect back on the hardships of life to remind you of your perseverance, fortitude and resiliency. Surround yourself with people that build you up, not break you down. Realize that you cannot control the feelings or actions of others. Life is unfair; react accordingly. Shower. Go on walks; they allow you time to reflect. Make sure to make time for yourself. Meditate. Reassure yourself with positive thoughts and words. Give hugs. You are your best friend. Help yourself first; you can’t help others if you aren’t right. Be genuine. Loyalty comes at a premium; stick by those who stick by you. Learn to think for yourself; don’t just believe what others tell you. Question everything; the truth will always have an answer. Work hard. In hard times, remind yourself that it won’t always be this way. Read. Brush and floss your teeth. Make sure to get enough sleep. At the same time, realize that sometimes sleep must be sacrificed in order to accomplish goals. Love animals. Give yourself playtime. Write things down. Stay organized. Get to know someone through the seasons before you marry them. Talk your issues out; never sweep them under the rug, they always resurface. Learn to forgive. Donate your time to a cause. Money is a necessity, but it’s not the only thing. Laugh daily. Allow others to help you in your time of need. It’s okay to be vulnerable. Find an outlet in order to deal with your problems in a healthy way. Spend time in nature. Never underestimate the power of positivity. Love is fragile; make sure to handle it with care. Learn to cook. Experience new things. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone. Pay attention to the world around you. Ignorance is not bliss; it is a disease. Pay back your debts. Be honest, it’s easier to remember the truth. When you have someone’s trust, do everything you can to not lose it. No one is going to agree with you all the time; learn to accept that. Be happy for what others accomplish. Celebrate the little things. Learn to listen before you speak.  Seek to understand. Humility is a rare trait, but is nonetheless admirable. Travel the world. Realize other people have just as unique and amazing stories as you. Remember, everything in moderation. Never miss an opportunity to tell someone you love them. Show your love through actions. Keep a journal. Take pictures everywhere you go. Surround yourself with art. Know when to end a relationship. Don’t burn bridges. Be tough. Anger is toxic and poisons your entire life. Find a passion. Realize if you want to change something, you have to do it yourself. Take care of your possessions. Allow yourself to vent. Smile. Never intentionally hurt someone else, whether it is physically or emotionally. Have the integrity to apologize. Surround yourself with music. Take time to appreciate the beauty around you. Do not allow your past to control or define you. Never hold others to a higher standard than the one you hold for yourself. Don’t give up; your character truly shows during moments of difficulty. Every day is a gift; take advantage of it. Never miss an opportunity to do something amazing. Learn to live without regrets. Think before you act or talk. Take other people’s emotions into consideration. People are always going to judge you; how you react is what you can control. Hope for the best but plan for the worst. Sincerity makes the very least person to be of more value than the most talented hypocrite. Accept that perfection is unachievable. Practice what you preach. Recycle. Always remember who you are and what it is you stand for. There’s a reason it’s called the golden rule; live by it. Be kind.


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